• Lifting Your Moods With Neurotoxins

    Ever heard that "laughter is infectious"? 

    Our moods are very influenced by how we see emotions expressed in the human face. This goes for how we see ourselves too!  If we look in the mirror and see big frown lines etched into our brow, we tell ourselves we are grouchy, unhappy or worried...  

    Psychiatrists have found that when people get neurotoxin treatment (such as Botox, Xeomin, or Dysport), and subsequently see themselves in the mirror WITHOUT the frown lines, their self perception is altered and they no longer feel as grouchy, unhappy or worried!  This biofeedback technique is used successfully in many other areas of medicine and represents an exciting development in the treatment of depression and anxiety.
    So... talk to your doctor and see if this may be a new safe way to perk yourself up!
  • Formula No.4: Gentle Retinoid Repair to Improve your Quality of Skin

    Quality of Skin

    Healthy Skin is happy skin. Dr. Julie Kenner, of the SkinHappy Discovery Center, has crafted some amazingly effective and gentle formulas with retinoids that help to repair skin damage. To optimize our skin's health, it is important that we protect against exposure to UV light with sunblock, and also to repair the damage that inevitably occurs. Retinoids are one of the most powerful tools you can use to mop up the negative effects of exposure. SkinHappy's Solution No. 4 brings you the power of retinoids that is gentle enough for sensitive skin.

  • Begin Your Skincare Journey at SkinHappy Discovery Center

    Begin Your SkinHappy Journey

    Your path to clear skin begins here, at 507 Dutra St in Monterey, at the SkinHappy Discovery Center. We have gone the extra length to make the treatment room in our 1850 adobe building as comfortable and soothing as possible. Enjoy the beautiful and relaxing setting as you begin your journey to healthy and confident skin. 

  • This Summer at SkinHappy: What’s Coming to Monterey?

    The SkinHappy Discovery Center is found in the heart of historic Monterey, California. Here Dr. Julie Kenner and the SkinHappy team help people who suffer from chronic skin conditions to achieve the confidence that comes with healthy and clear skin. Patients all ages and backgrounds have found the relief they seek here with the help of Dr. Kenner’s expertise. As California has opened back up, Summer is officially here, and things are looking beautiful in the warm June light.