Formula No.4: Gentle Retinoid Repair to Improve your Quality of Skin

Quality of Skin

Healthy Skin is happy skin. Dr. Julie Kenner, of the SkinHappy Discovery Center, has crafted some amazingly effective and gentle formulas with retinoids that help to repair skin damage. To optimize our skin's health, it is important that we protect against exposure to UV light with sunblock, and also to repair the damage that inevitably occurs. Retinoids are one of the most powerful tools you can use to mop up the negative effects of exposure. SkinHappy's Solution No. 4 brings you the power of retinoids that is gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Solution 4; Gentle Retinoid Repair

Solving your Skin's Challenges

One of the things that has been challenging about using retinoids has been the harshness of the treatment initially to the skin. While highly effective, stronger retinoids have been too irritating for many people to use regularly. With Dr. Kenner's formulation, the retinoid repair is gentle enough for an infant or an elderly person. It is appropriate for anyone ages 2-99. 

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Healthy Skin, Happy You

At SkinHappy, we know that many people have a very strong emotional reaction to the condition of their skin. Unhealthy skin can cause us to feel many negative emotions. With SkinHappy's Gentle Retinoid Repair, you can take care of your skin and give yourself that confidence you seek. Take advantage of the powerful benefits of retinoid treatment with our specially formulated solutions that are designed to be gentle to sensitive skin.