This Summer at SkinHappy: What’s Coming to Monterey?

The SkinHappy Discovery Center is found in the heart of historic Monterey, California. Here Dr. Julie Kenner and the SkinHappy team help people who suffer from chronic skin conditions to achieve the confidence that comes with healthy and clear skin. Patients all ages and backgrounds have found the relief they seek here with the help of Dr. Kenner’s expertise. As California has opened back up, Summer is officially here, and things are looking beautiful in the warm July light.

Skin Happy Sign and Cypress Tree

A quick tour of the property reveals that this interesting piece of California history is more than just the site of a business. It is no regular doctor’s office. It has been Dr. Kenner’s home for the past 6 years and a part of California story from its earliest years as a part of the United States. From the well-tended flower beds to the fruit bearing trees and the egg laying chickens, the Discovery Center emanates a serene atmosphere that is both formal and fun. For anyone feeling emotional about their skin’s appearance, Skin Happy is a cute and quaint refuge.

SkinHappy Clinic with flowers and Cypress tree

This is the place where patients come to receive treatments, and it is in this lovely sun dappled setting that we witness their transformation. People come in for their first visit somewhat uncertain about what to expect. When they leave, they are often beaming with confidence. It is empowering to solve a problem in your life, and we see it happen all the time here at the Monterey SkinHappy Discover Center.

SkinHappy Discovery Center

Something new and exciting is coming to Monterey. This Summer, there will be even more reasons to visit the Discovery Center. We are currently working around the clock to transform the main building on the property into something fun and interactive for the people of Monterey and beyond. We are creating a place of learning and exploration for you folks eager to step out into the world full of self-confidence, empowered to make new connections. We can’t wait to show you what we have on the way.

SkinHappy Discovery Center doorway