Balding Solution for Men Rx

Balding Solution for Men Rx

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For the treatment of male patterned balding, or inherited balding (androgenetic alopecia).

Both men AND women experience programmed hair thinning over time in a manner specific to their own genetic wiring. Thinning hair happens when the mature (thick) hair is turned into a miniature ("peach fuzz") type of hair on the temples and crown of the scalp. This process is influenced by the male hormones in all humans, male or female. While both men and women undergo balding of varying degrees in these areas, women do not experience the same severity of balding as men.

SkinHappy's Balding Solution for Men packs a triple punch for growing hair! Specially formulated by Dr. Kenner, this unique hair stimulator combines the power of Minoxidil to increase the size of hair follicles and promote the growth of thicker, stronger hair, with topical Finasteride (so you don't have to worry about systemic side effects) to inhibit 5α-reductase and prevent DHT production, and topical Tretinoin, to encourage the follicles to help maintain and regrow hair on the scalp.

One dropper full of this product is to be massaged on the temples and crown (in areas of balding) of the scalp at night.

Generally loved by our SkinHappy patients, results take approximately 3-6 months to become noticeable, and (as with all of biology), show variable degrees of effectiveness person to person.

As with all products containing tretinoin, you may need to use the solution just a few days a week, in the beginning, to develop tolerance, and prevent a retinoid reaction.  Dr. Kenner usually advises her patients to gradually increase use as tolerance builds.  The goal is to use the product nightly.

If desired, the Balding Solution for Men may be used with SkinHappy’s Rapid Growth Serum (these can be mixed together and applied at once), as well as the SkinHappy Replenish Shampoo and Conditioner for those with more need.

Do not use on your face.  If you see a sudden increase in unwanted hair on the face, discontinue use.