About SkinHappy

Dr. Julie Kenner

SkinHappy ® is the world’s first online medical experience focused on treating both the visible damage of a variety of skin conditions and the accompanying emotional fallout that can profoundly impact self-esteem and limit patients’ social lives and work opportunities.

Dr. Julie Kenner, MD, PhD, Board Certified Dermatologist, and founder chose the name “SkinHappy” because it conveys her commitment to restoring both the physical reality of beautiful skin and the inner peace that gives her patients the ability to face the world with confidence.

Straight out of dermatology residency, Dr. Kenner was sent to Tripler Army Medical Center where, in addition to managing a huge caseload of patients within the hospital setting, she remotely treated the dermatology needs of military and DOD personnel stationed throughout the Pacific Rim, deftly navigating one of the world’s first tele-medicine platforms ever developed.

Unlike a typical doctor’s view of patients as medical puzzles to be figured out, Dr. Kenner has always approached healing as a holistic endeavor, recognizing the inner as well as outer needs of the person.


Dr. Kenner developed SkinHappy for:

… people who have had cystic acne cover their entire face and back with lifelong reminders of the scars that were already forming by the age of 15...

… a balding young man in college lacking the confidence to attract the woman of his dreams...

... the woman who finds herself divorced and alone with wrinkles and rosacea that add years to her face at a point in her life where she must now enter the job and dating market…

Not everyone struggles with emotional trauma or internal scarring from these skin conditions but for those that do, you are why SkinHappy was created.

Dr. Kenner has spent 20+ years developing this comprehensive experience which includes:

  • a system for treating patients remotely
  • a line of proprietary over-the-counter and prescription medications
  • a year-long program of daily meditations designed to support, inspire, and heal the emotional scars that come from their skin conditions.

The SkinHappy Experience is the culmination of Dr. Kenner’s life experience, education, and training.

Begin your journey with SkinHappy. Get your free online diagnosis from Dr. Kenner today.