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Dr. Julie Kenner, board-certified dermatologist, has a plan to take you from insecurity to skin-security.

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Meet Dr. Kenner


Julie Kenner MD-PhD has decades of experience treating skin conditions for thousands of patients of all ages and skin colors, and now she offers that same expertise online.

As a board certified dermatologist, scientist and expert product developer, Dr. Kenner is ready to treat your skin & hair problems with the same care and attention that her in-clinic patients have raved about for years.

Dr. Kenner recognizes that skin diseases affect your self-esteem and has a unique approach to managing the emotional as well as the physical aspects of skin disease.

To hear more about her vision click here.


Have I seen improvements in my skin? Absolutely! It's so much fun to come here! I love learning about the why's as much as the treatments! I would 100% recommend SkinHappyMD to others.

-- CT

Most definitely the best dermatologist I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Everyone I know comments on how great my skin looks and feels, thank you Doc!

-- Jimmy

She helped me with my acne. I thought I would have to go back on Accutane but the program that she suggested for me solved my problem. I am really grateful. Getting better every day with a healthy and happy skin.

-- Aura


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