Let's Go Beyond Skin Deep

Heal Your Skin and Reveal Your Inner Beauty

Have you have tried to solve your skin problems and been unsuccessful? Do you feel badly about how your skin looks and are those feelings holding you back from living your best life?

Radical Results with a Guarantee

Expert solutions combined with compassionate care

SkinHappy focuses on 5 conditions. Acne, Rosacea, Aging, Dandruff and Balding.

Facing the world with confidence has a lot to do with your face and your feelings. Let's get you on the path to healthy skin and feeling good about you.

There's Nothing Like Being SkinHappy :)

Dr. Kenner has improved thousands of lives with the right medical diagnosis and a SkinHappy treatment regimen

Dr. Diagnosed & Supervised

Custom Blended Medications

90 Day Money Back

Emotional Support

Online or In-Person.  

Get a Personalized Medical Diagnosis

You deserve a plan created just for you. Using expert diagnostic capabilities, Dr. Kenner will specifically respond to specific targeted therapies.

Follow the Treatment Plan, Formulated to Work

She has spent decades working with formulators to craft topical medication blends to treat diseases and the side effects such as scarring and discoloration.

Satisfaction Guarantee

pair skin condition subtypes with optimal products, with full intent on restoring the client’s self confidence.

Meet your guide to healthy skin, Dr. Julie Kenner

 Dr. Kenner is ready to help you get on the path to healing.

In Clinic Care & Treatments

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SkinHappy Testimonials


"Have I seen improvements in my skin? Absolutely! It's so much fun to come here! I love learning about the why's as much as the treatments! I would 100% recommend SkinHappyMD to others."


"Most definitely the best dermatologist I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Everyone I know comments on how great my skin looks and feels, thank you Doc!"


"She helped me with my acne. I thought I would have to go back on Accutane but the program that she suggested for me solved my problem. I am really grateful. Getting better every day with a healthy and happy skin."


Patients who feel betterafter taking any step towards better skin care.

Bottom Line forYou: NO MATTER WHAT STEP THEY TAKE! So, do something now!


Average time for Acne sufferers....

Bottom Line forYou: Acne is not an overnight sensation, it's a long term problem. Properly managed....


SkinHappy Reflections Journal Entries

What part of my current challenges am I thankful for?

What is joy to me?


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