Anti-Inflammatory Combo Gel (Acne Gel SS) Rx

Anti-Inflammatory Combo Gel (Acne Gel SS) Rx

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This is a prescription medication and is only available to patients of Dr. Kenner. Please call 831-747-1889 or email us to place your refill order.

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Acne Gel SS is used to treat acne and inflammation of the face

The Anti-Inflammatory Combo Gel is an elegant anti-acne product designed to fight bacteria using topical Clindamycin, calm inflammation with Sodium Sulfacetamide, and address the acne plug and scarring/pigmentation with a gentle level of Tretinoin.

Acne Gel SS is to be used at night, on acne-prone areas, after other acne products have been applied all over the face.

Acne Gel SS is often used as part of a comprehensive acne or acne/rosacea overlap program along with Triple Acne Wash, Acne Gel DS, Rosacea Combo Gel, and Elta 46 Sunblock.

Alternatively, this effective trio is often used as an acne maintenance product, along with Triple Wash and Elta 46 Sunblock daily.

To adjust skin to the retinoid (tretinoin) in Acne Gel SS, use the product once or twice a week initially, and avoid applying to skin folds around the mouth, nose, eyes.  As tolerance builds, use more frequently, with the goal being to use this product every night.