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Acne Combo Gel CBST Rx

Acne Combo Gel CBST Rx

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Acne Combo Gel CBST is used in the treatment of acne and gram negative folliculitis.

How It Works: Acne Combo Gel CBST is a powerful tetrad of ingredients, designed to attack acne from different angles. Clindamycin and Benzoyl peroxide together create synergy in killing bacteria involved in acne and gram negative folliculitis. Spironolactone blocks androgens which induce acne. This is particularly critical in women with hormonal acne along the chin and jawline. Finally, Tretinoin is a powerful retinoid, able to prevent and treat acne, acne scars, pigmentation, pores, and more.Ā 

International dermatology consensus has long praised the use of multiple ingredients to treat acne at once to produce the fastest and most durable cure. At SkinHapppy, we support this science and are well versed with the biological complexity of acne.

Inside Information: Dr. Kenner often prescribes this as a maintenance or "add-on" acne product after patients have adjusted to their initial acne program, and their skin response has been evaluated by the doctor.

How To Use: As a maintenance acne product, Acne Combo Gel CBST is applied at night.

Use With: We recommend using Triple Acne Wash (once or twice a day) and Elta 46 Sunblock in the day.

This product falls into the PROTECT layer of the SkinHappy Pyramid, see below.

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