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SkinHappy MD RX

Acne Gel DT Rx

Acne Gel DT Rx

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Acne Gel DT is a prescription medication is used in the treatment of acne, and acne/rosacea overlap. Often used in acne that is most common on the upper part of the face, or acne that comes on explosively in the early or mid-teen years.

How It Works: The Acne Gel DT product is a highly sophisticated cutting-edge acne formula, proudly made available by SkinHappy. By incorporating the powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient Dapsone, which strikes at the root of preventing scarring, with Tretinoin and Niacinamide, to treat and manage any scarring or pigmentation that does get through, this dynamic cream treats all forms of acne, from blackheads to inflammatory bumps.

How To Use: As with all products containing retinoids, the skin may take several weeks to adjust before it can tolerate daily use; use this product at night, and in the morning.

Use With: Be sure to use sunblock. Cerave or Vaseline may be used to treat dryness and make sure not to get product too close to corners of the eyes, nose, and mouth.

This product falls into the PROTECT layer of the SkinHappy Pyramid, see below.

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Protect, Renew, Repair: A complete skincare program includes all three levels.

Begin with PROTECTing your skin using broad-spectrum sun protection, and a retinoid, the foundation of good skincare.Ā 

Use vitamin antioxidants and alpha hydroxyl acids to REPAIR your skin.Ā  Top off with products that RENEW your skin, growth factors, peptides and anti-oxidants.Ā