Collagen Boost Medical Microneedling: LIPS

Collagen Boost Medical Microneedling: LIPS

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After you purchase your treatment, our office staff will call you to arrange for an appointment.

How it works: This unique combination of modalities painlessly and effectively rejuvenates at all levels of skin: stratum corneum, epidermis, and upper dermis. After the application of topical anesthetic, the treatment begins with electric micro-needling at tunable depths, over a surface of HA and antioxidant serum. 

The final step of the treatment is the application of an alginate mask, which allows negatively charged rejuvenating products placed on the freshly needled skin to be forced into the deepest skin levels and finish with a cooling and hydrating alginate masque. 

Markedly safer, and yet more effective, than deep chemical peels and laser resurfacing. 

What it treats: Particularly effective for acne and other scarring conditions, wrinkles, rosacea, sun damage, poor skin tone, lax skin, and pigmentation. This powerful skin treatment is suitable for face, and many other surface areas (neck, chest, hands, arms, bellies, etc)

Recovery Time/Results

This powerful treatment not only gives impressive skin results but does so with markedly better safety and downtime as compared to more invasive laser and chemical peel treatments. Generally, a few days of light peeling. 

How often should I do this? Dr. Kenner recommends a series of 3 sessions, separated by 2-4 weeks. For stubborn scars, wrinkles or pigmentation patients will likely need more sessions. 

This treatment falls into the RENEW, REPAIR and PROTECT layers of the SkinHappy Pyramid.

Use the Skinhappy Pyramid as a guide to the maintenance of healthy and beautiful skin for a lifetime.  A complete skincare program would include these three levels, with the most important being the base.

PROTECT your skin using broad-spectrum sunscreen and a retinoid, the foundation of great skincare.  Take it to the next level with the use of vitamin antioxidants and alpha hydroxyl acids to REPAIR your skin.  Top off a complete skincare regimen with products that RENEW your skin, growth factors, peptides, and anti-oxidants.

If you have a concurrent medical condition, such as acne, or rosacea – you will also use targeted therapies in addition to basic skin health practices.