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After you purchase your treatment, our office staff will call you to arrange for an appointment.

Pricing will be adjusted at the time of treatment depending on the number of syringes used during treatment.

You can use the following as a guideline, your usage may differ. 

The typical number of syringes used per site:  Lip filler: 1 syringe of Belotero; Jawline rejuvenation: 2 syringes of Radiesse; Cheek rejuvenation: 1 syringe of Radiesse.

What it treats: Sagging skin, volume loss, bone loss and facial hollows. 

How it works:  This procedure uses natural ingredients to re-volumize facial structures (such as bone, fat, muscle and collagen) that have been diminished over the years, and left the surface skin sagging.

Recovery Time/Results:  Immediate results with minimal downtime due to swelling and possible bruising.  Results can last many months to years. 

See Belotero Video Here Facial shaping using filler has revolutionized aesthetic medicine, and dramatically reduced the need for facelifts. Dr. Kenner is particularly skilled in jawline rejuvenation and lip filling and focuses on creating extremely natural effects.

Certain fillers, such as Radiesse, are biostimulatory, which means that the filler serves to recreate tissue by acting like a scaffold and stimulating your own body to lay down its own natural collagen around this material and eventually replace it as the filler agent disappears over time.  

Combining filler with other stimulatory products or treatments such as needling can work to enhance and prolong this beneficial effect. 

Over time, the human face undergoes changes in shape due to loss of bone, muscle, fat pads, and skin thickness.  This volume loss results in facial proportion changes that are key brain signals to indicate the age of a face. 

Using safe and natural fillers, such as calcium hydroxy acid or hyaluronic acid, facial proportions can be improved or restored for immediate youthful effects.

Come check out our most popular use of filler: jawline rejuvenation, a nearly painless and bruiseless way to not only reclaim the definition of your jawline but to also help reduce the neck waddle!