Facial Lymphatic Drainage Massage Hydrafacial

Facial Lymphatic Drainage Massage Hydrafacial

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The HydraFacial™ has a patented lymphatic device that uses high-pressure suction. This suction is applied in a specialized directional method to manually massage and drain your lymph nodes. This drainage can improve circulation, depuff, detoxify, tone, and firm the facial skin.
 This is a 20-minute treatment. 

How it works:  

Reducing Toxins that Can Cause Acne: Because lymphatic drainage helps to improve the circulation of lymph in the facial tissue, it will promote waste and toxin removal. When this waste beneath the skin is drained, it is easier for the body to eliminate toxins in the facial area which can help to reduce acne breakouts.

Better Circulation and Reduced Inflammation: As we explained, this treatment encourages the lymph to circulate the waste and toxins to be removed through your lymph nodes. This improves circulation by delivering oxygen around the facial skin which assists in the reduction of inflammation and puffiness.

Reduced Sinus Pressure Discomfort: The soothing and relaxing lymphatic HydraFacial massage uses gentle and effective brushing motions which pushes unwanted fluid out of the sinus track so that it can be eliminated. Many clients say  that their face and head feel lighter as the pressure they were previously experiencing was being removed through the lymphatic HydraFacial.

What it treats: Particularly helpful for swelling, rosacea and acne breakouts

How often should I do this? Dr. Kenner recommends every 3 months.

This treatment falls into the RENEW layer of the SkinHappy Pyramid.

Use the SkinHappy Pyramid as a guide to the maintenance of healthy and beautiful skin for a lifetime.  A complete skincare program includes all three levels, with the most important being the base of the pyramid. PROTECT your skin using broad-spectrum sun protection, and a retinoid, the foundation of good skincare.  Take it to the next level with the use of vitamin antioxidants and alpha hydroxyl acids to REPAIR your skin.  Top off a complete skincare regimen with products that RENEW your skin, growth factors, peptides, and anti-oxidants.