SkinHappy® takes care of the whole you.

We know the emotional toll skin or hair loss problems can take.

If you feel embarrassed, shunned, or hopeless about how you look, you need SkinHappy. We developed a system of diagnosis and treatment that focuses on you — inside and out — because we believe everyone deserves whole-person healing.

Feel happy on the inside and look great on the outside.

Empathic Care, Clinic-Proven.

Hi, I’m Dr. Julie Kenner..

Like you, I know the physical and emotional toll that skin and hair loss conditions can take. I had skin rashes as a kid so I know how not looking “normal” can feel. That’s why my treatment plans focus on tools to help you heal on the outside as well as the inside.

I’m a Board Certified Clinical Dermatologist and PhD researcher; basically I’m a science and research geek devoted to skin problems.I specialize in acne, rosacea, pigmentation, aging, and hair loss — each of which has many variations and therefore different treatments.

Once I know your specific diagnosis, I create a treatment plan that targets your condition and tells you everything you need to know to heal.

I’m not new to the world of online diagnosis and treatment; I’ve been providing telemedicine to remotely care for patients for decades. Join the 30,000 people that I’ve helped already.

Get the right diagnosis... so you get the right treatment.

You want a dermatologist who knows how to treat you and will also support you emotionally. When you choose SkinHappy, you have access to a proper diagnosis, proven treatments, well-being programs, and individualized care.

Online Diagnosis

An online diagnostic center and shopping experience for acne, rosacea, pigmentation, aging, and hair loss.

Custom Products

Proven to work in real clinical settings on real people. You'll know exactly what products to use, how, and in what order

Personal Guidance

A robust system that monitors your stages of healing, and provides check-ins and guidance along your journey to better skin health.

Join the 30,000 People that I've helped already....

Here's How to Get Started

1. Complete the SkinHappy Questionnaire

2. Get Your Diagnosis in a Day + Treatment Plan

3. Start your customized plan and begin to feel better right away


At SkinHappy, we know that you want to be unburdened by skin or hair loss problems. But you haven’t found a dermatologist who knows how to treat your physical condition and support your emotional well-being as well. And that can leave you feeling like you’ll never look and feel good.

Well, your search is over. We believe everyone deserves whole-person healing. And we offer it locally to folks who live in the Monterey Bay area, as well as around the world through our online portal.

Like you, we know the physical and emotional toll a skin or hair loss condition can take. Our system of diagnosis and treatment focuses on the whole person. So you can stop feeling miserable every time you look in the mirror, and instead feel great about how you look for the rest of your life.

Easy Access Any Time

You'll have instant access to everything you need to achieve the healing you deserve.

Your private portal includes:

  • Your treatment plan
  • Dr. Kenner's diagnosis of your condition
  • Photos of your progress
  • Recommended treatments with detailed instructions on when and how to use
  • Instructions
  • Daily reflections to support you in your emotional healing
  • Your prior order history
  • Approved medications