Skin Preservation for Kids Kit

Skin Preservation for Kids Kit

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Most parents have adopted the mantra of putting sunscreen on their children prior to them going out and playing in the sun... but are you aware that MOST of the sun damage happens at other times when we are not aware and not protected?
  • UVA rays are seen all day long every day, through clouds, windows,
  • etc from sun up till sundown. UVA light can penetrate our skin deeply and gradually erodes bone muscle and fat pads. UVA light also is the main factor contributing to the brown discoloration of the skin.
  • Sunscreens are imperfect and don't block many of the damaging rays (particularly UVA) and wear off quickly.

We don't wait for our kids to get cavities and then start to take care of their teeth? Of course not, we take proactive measures. We teach them to brush and floss and to stay away from sweets. When do we start this? As soon as they get teeth!

Why wait until the skin is damaged before doing something about it?

Don't wait for wrinkles, brown spots, skin cancer, prevent the damage and repair skin on an ongoing basis! Right from the beginning.

Use sunblock, broad-spectrum, on a daily basis. AND mop up the damage daily with the use of gentle, yet effective retinoids: THE key ingredient to proper skin cell function.

Retinoids are the GREAT skin normalizers- key benefits include: protection against skin cancer, including melanoma; keeps skin barrier and cell surface healthy and glowing; helps acne, rosacea, milia, scarring, and pigmentation, and preserves the youthfulness of skin.

Bottom line: Start EARLY: protect against sun AND mop up sun damage on an ongoing basis. Use a broad-spectrum sunblock and a retinoid daily.

For children: we recommend: a morning physical sunblock such as Elta 47; midday (if possible), dust on powdered mineral sunblock Colorscience; at night use C-Quence 1