Why Should I See a Dermatologist For My Acne?

Why Should I See a Dermatologist For My Acne?

Despite the fact that acne is extremely common, it is a very complicated disease. Untreated or inappropriately treated acne can persist for years or decades! For some, the condition can last a lifetime. While there are many over-the-counter products available with one-size-fits-all marketing, the truth is that there is no single medication or combination of treatments that will work for everyone.

Because acne is such a complex disease with lots of moving parts, the first step in treatment involves the proper diagnosis of the type of acne, severity, and any confounding variables, such as concurrent skin disorders or degree of scarring. Your acne treatment must be tailored to you and monitored closely by a dermatologist for responsiveness, and you might need different medications to address different aspects of the disease.

The most optimal approach to treating acne is called “polytherapy”, and is internationally recognized as the most effective way to manage acne. Think of it like hitting the acne over the head with many different hammers at once to get it to behave. We attack all the different aspects of this complicated disease to achieve the best results. With time as your condition improves, your dermatologist can release a few hammers and simplify your program.

Don’t keep waiting to achieve results with your acne. Call the clinic today or visit our portal to begin your treatment journey!

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