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Buy Two Syringes & Get a Third at 50% off,
(a $375 value)

HA Fillers except Radiesse

On Sale Through October 31st

Over time, the human face undergoes changes in shape due to loss of bone, muscle, fat pads, and skin thickness. This volume loss results in facial proportion changes that are key brain signals to indicate the age of a face.

Using safe and natural fillers, facial proportions can be improved or restored for immediate youthful effects.

We recommend a consultation for first-time patients.

*Syringes cannot be banked and therefore must be used at same appointment. Individual results vary, some patients require more than 3 syringes to treat the full face.

$12/ unit when you book with Jasmine Johnson, RN


Sale through October 31st

Neurotoxin injection has rightfully earned recognition as the most common cosmetic procedure in the world. Nearly painless, and highly effective, this treatment relaxes muscles causing wrinkles (and more), and can erase years within a few short days!

20 % OFF

Vitamin D3 Anti-Oxidant Lotion

Sale through October 31st

Vitamin D3 Anti-Oxidant Lotion is an invigorating lotion that uses a form of Vitamin D3 called Cholecalciferol to aid the skin while it regulates and undergoes its critical health and beauty functions.

With moisturizing antioxidant and skin-nourishing benefits, this exciting ingredient helps condition and improve the appearance of the skin.

Combined with the ultra-moisturizing benefits of olive-derived Squalane and water-loving Hyaluronic Acid, this super hydrating formula is excellent for dry, damaged or vitamin D deprived skin.

20% off

Solution 4: Gentle Retinoid Repair

Sale through October 31st

SkinHappy Solution #4 is a custom retinoid creation by Dr. Julie Kenner. This product is more effective, affordable, and gentler than any other product in its class.

As Dr. Kenner says: Retinoids are the great skin normalizers, and when used daily with a broad-spectrum sunblock, are the best way to preserve the health and beauty of skin for a lifetime.


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