Your Appearance, Your Health
 Your Longevity!

Skin Inflammation, be it from chronic sun exposure, acne, rosacea, eczema or other, releases a “chemical cocktail” that can damage collagen, elastic tissue, cells, DNA, and proper cellular function.

Not only do these chemicals (particularly triggered from UV light) create 80-90% of our aging appearance, but since skin wraps around us, it literally bathes our internal body parts in these chemicals.

These inflammatory molecules can then negatively impact our hearts, our brains, our bones, our gut, our pancreas, and more!



Science continues to elucidate this connection. Data from the Baltimore Longitudinal Study begun in the 1950s, showed that 99% of those who looked at least 10 years older than their stated age had health issues! Furthermore, men assessed to look particularly old for their age at the beginning of the study were more likely than their more youthful-looking counterparts to be dead at the end of the 20 year study. Causes of death spanned the gamut from neurodegenerative disease to cardiovascular and more.

 What to DO?

STOP THE INFLAMM-AGING by preventing and repairing along the way!

The SkinHappy Solutions:

Placenta-Sourced Rejuvenative Bio-Messengers
The most concentrated and diverse natural growth factors available to radically cut down inflammation and reset the “instruction manual” for skin and more. The newest “secret weapon” for efficiently and broadly signaling repair and rejuvenation. Contact the SkinHappy clinic for more information about this therapy.

A to Zinc Total Skin Protection
with 10% zinc oxide

Zinc oxide provides the broadest protection against ultraviolet light of all sunscreen ingredients. 95% of UV rays affecting our skin is UVA- this light comes through windows, cloud cover, rain, and fog, and is seen all year long from sunup to sun down. Added healing skin vitamins into the formula can mop up damage that gets through the zinc oxide shield.

SkinHappy Solution Series

Our patent-pending gentle yet powerful serums contain “gold standard” retinoids for overall skin repair in a step-up series- for all ages and skin types! Adults start with Level 4 and progress up to 7 over time.

B3 Stay Ageless Serum

Contains potent niacinamide that gives all cells energy to recover and repair broadly.

C++ Antioxidant Cream

A critical lipid-soluble antidote to fight free radicals from sun, tame excess pigmentation, and encourage collagen formation.


For more targeted solutions, try:

  • SkinHappy’s Customized Acne Rx Blended Medications.
  • SkinHappy’s Customized Rosacea Rx Blended Medications.
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