SkinHappy's Solution Serum Series [1-7] Gentle Retinoid Repair

KISS Your Acne Goodbye With SkinHappy’s Solution Serum Series


KISS Your Acne Goodbye!

Keep It Simple, Silly! Stop overcomplicating your skincare routine and allow Dr. Julie Kenner, MD PhD, and Board Certified Dermatologist, to share with you her revolutionary approach to maintaining happy and healthy skin. Every dermatologist will tell you of the nearly magical healing properties that retinoids have for many skin conditions, including; acne, rosacea, sun damage, wrinkles, and much more! However, there seem to be conflicting answers on proper use and managing the dreaded ‚Äúretinoid reaction‚ÄĚ that may overcomplicate the skincare routine or may even turn you away from using a retinoid product altogether.¬†


Introducing SkinHappy’s Solution Serum Series: a fundamental product for any and all skin types. This patent-pending solution removes the complications of implementing a retinoid solution into your daily skincare routine. This series is offered in 7 stages, with each successive level increasing the amount of retinoid within the product - allowing your skin to build a tolerance to higher levels over time and enjoy the daily use of retinoids without the discomfort of a retinoid reaction. 


skinhappy-solution-4 SkinHappy Solution Serum Series - 5 SkinHappy-solution-6


The SkinHappy Solution Serum Series, like all retinoids, work by binding to DNA receptors within the skin cell.

DNA is like the ‚Äúbrain‚ÄĚ of our cells, and when a molecule binds to a receptor, it will trigger a function.¬†An example in this case, is the creation of proteins or other molecules instructing the cells to do something, such as repair and rebuild. DNA does not naturally have¬†many retinoid receptors present.¬†

Rather, these specific DNA receptors will begin to regenerate on their own, once the retinoids are detected in their environment (AKA - building a tolerance).

Retinoids found naturally in the skin are destroyed by light, and so are deficient in sun-exposed skin. This means depleted retinoid receptors on sun exposed skin. To handle replacement retinoids added topically to your skin through a formulation or product, you will need to slowly introduce these retinoid receptors to your DNA, in order to avoid the dreaded retinoid reaction. 


What IS a retinoid reaction?


This is the uncomfortable sensation of the retinoid (generally in the acid or alcohol forms: tretinoin or retinol) overwhelming skin that has not built tolerance, or enough receptors to 'grab' the retinoid. This ‚Äúoverwhelming reaction‚ÄĚ causes redness, irritation, dryness, peeling, burning, and sometimes pimples or other blemishes.

*While uncomfortable, it simply means that your skin does not have the tolerance for the intensity of retinoid being applied. 

Creating more DNA retinoid receptors can be done seamlessly over time by the gradual introduction of higher and higher concentrations of retinoids.    

The SkinHappy Solution Serum Series has been created to specifically avoid these retinoid reactions, allowing for the skin to handle higher and higher amounts of high-quality, specially formulated retinoids - to do the wonderful rejuvenation sought after by all! 

If for some reason your skin is incredibly sensitive, simply go back down to a lower level, and only increase to the highest level your skin can handle. Remember, skin is a constantly dividing and renewing organ, and if we give it the right signals and molecules to repair and renew, it will happily do our bidding!


Keep it Simple: Stop Overcomplicating Your Skincare Routine

A common issue we see today is the over-complication of implementing retinoids into a skincare routine - "apply before bed, use it every other day or every second day, 'cycle' it through a complicated program, don’t mix with other products, avoid the sun, don’t use if you have sensitive skin, etc." This makes the idea of developing a skincare routine daunting, and for some, nearly impossible to follow!

So, remember to...keep it simple!

Mix our SkinHappy Solution Serums right with your morning and evening skincare products! These Solutions may be applied all over the face, even in traditionally sensitive areas, such as eyelids.  Mix with your sunblock or other products in the morning, and moisturizer or other skin care products in the evening.  Start with low levels (level 4 for adults), and work up to higher levels as you finish a bottle (typically our product bottle lasts 2-3 months); or as your skin desires.  

If you also use a retinoid such as tretinoin or retinol, you typically will use these at night, after applying other skincare products including the SkinHappy Solution Series, but need more time to tolerate and generally won’t be able to be used in sensitive areas. 

And YES, it is perfectly acceptable to use more than one form of retinoid!  As an example, typically Dr. Kenner recommends for her acne patients, that they use the SH Solution Serums twice a day all over  the face, and a tretinoin containing product in the evening (after tolerated) to selected areas (avoiding corners of nose, mouth or eyes) where they tend to get their acne or blackheads.  

SkinHappy offers a variety of RX formulations to pair with our Solution Serum Series in order to achieve each patients' desired results!


mid-range-tretinoin  fullstrength-tretinoin    acne-ST-Forte  acne-trio-gel     acne-fungal-cream





‚ÄúWithin my practice of dermatology, I routinely see¬†patients with sensitive skin who need or want to be on a retinoid product but cannot tolerate any of the available formulations.¬† I have spent much of my career evaluating different retinoids for both tolerability and efficacy.‚ÄĚ - Dr. Kenner


Dr. Kenner has many patients that visit SkinHappy; defeated with having tried all avenues to rid their skin of acne and the common, debilitating side effects that follow: anxiety, depression, redness, pigmentation, irritation, scarring, sensitivity ~ just to name a few.  

One commonality among each patient: they have tried everything to treat their acne but nothing has worked. More often than not, the perfect answer is using well designed treatment programs that use products that are customized to your needs and tolerable to your skin! Get back your happy and the healthy and beautiful skin you deserve.


Acne: There is a Solution 

Living with acne is difficult, and with most insurance providers unwilling to cover its costly treatment, many are left to find solutions of their own - wasting time and money in the process. Acne is painful, somewhat never-ending, and almost always destructive to one's self-esteem. With endless answers to ‚Äėclear skin‚Äô online and in the media, it's hard to know which solution is right for your skin - and more importantly, which product will effectively treat your acne subtype.¬†

Acne appears on our skin in various forms (pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, cystic acne, hormonal acne, inflammatory, gram-negative folliculitis, etc.) This means that treating acne can be complex - taking both skill and knowledge. Meaning, the right medication sets are matched with the right type of acne. What is important is understanding your skin and taking a concentrated form of retinoid before leveling up to stronger intensities.  

Acne is an incredibly complicated and complex disease. Because truly customizable treatment is rarely done, over 80% of those being treated fail to see improvement or change with traditional treatment methods. SkinHappy has created a solution to improve this rate dramatically. 

*While SkinHappy’s retinoid serums alone may not be the sole answer to clearing your skin of acne, pairing this serum with Dr. Kenner’s specific customized recommendations will provide proven, unparalleled results- seen below with before and after images of SkinHappy patients! 


acne-before-1    acne-after-1


acne-before-2     acne-after-2


acne-before-3    acne-after-3


Dr. Kenner has a plan for your success - the first step is a FREE online diagnosis ($120 value)



Retinoids: The Great Skin Normalizer 

It is well known that sunlight depletes retinoids from our skin.  However, because sunblocks are imperfect and do not block ALL light, and people rarely have adequate amounts of sunblock on their skin at all times of the day, there is the inevitable loss of retinoid from our sun-exposed skin surfaces- leading to a host of changes in appearance and function of skin.

Just like adding fluoride to tooth brushing practices remarkably improved dental health back in the 1950s…. Now, in the 2020s,  there are finally retinoids that anyone can tolerate!

Regularly using retinoids in addition to broad-spectrum sunblock use is a powerful way to more fully protect skin health!  


What are retinoids? 

Retinoids are a large family of molecules derived from Vitamin A with complex biology; from the storage form Retinyl Ester/Palmitate to Retinaldehyde, to Retinol and Retinoic Acid. Retinoids are one of the most commonly used classes of topical medication to improve skin function, overall health, and appearance, as well as treatments for a great many dermatological 

conditions including comedonal and inflammatory acne, psoriasis, precancerous lesions, rosacea, pigmentation, sun-induced aging, and more.


Dr. Kenner calls this powerful family of retinoids ‚ÄúThe Great Skin Normalizers.‚Ä̬†¬†


Unlike any other product on the market, SkinHappy has developed a retinoid topical that is safe and powerful, yet very tolerable for delicate skin at any age - even children!  

For children with possible sun damage or other skin conditions, we recommend starting at a lower level and maintaining until the teen years when the skin can endure a stronger concentration of retinoid. In contrast, adults are generally safe to start with the SkinHappy Solution: level 4 and ‚Äėstep up‚Äô upon finishing the product.¬†¬†

As mentioned above, one of the main limitations to using retinoids is the dreaded ‚Äúretinoid reaction‚ÄĚ which hampers the use of many retinoids- both over the counter and prescription.¬†¬†

SkinHappy has created a unique line of retinoids that offer sequential step-up concentrations of highly tolerable retinoids specially prepared in such a manner as to effectively eliminate the retinoid reaction.

With this revolutionary retinoid system, SkinHappy Solution Series 1-7, all ages can readily accommodate and enjoy the benefits of retinoids, as well as easily adjust to increasing concentrations of retinoids over time by using sequentially higher levels, starting at level 4 for most adults, and level 1 for young children. Our SkinHappy team simplifies this difficult treatment process with the help of our revolutionary skincare product: the SkinHappy Solution Series: Gentle Retinoid Repair [1-7] 


What makes the SkinHappy Solution Series different from other retinoids on the market? 

  • Safe for ALL ages (2-99)
  • Can be used on delicate skin AND near your eyes, nose, and mouth - common spots you may experience a retinoid reaction with other products available containing a retinoid serum
  • 7¬† levels of SkinHappy‚Äôs Solution Series - allow your skin to build a tolerance, avoiding retinoid reactions
  • Quality you can trust, controlled within our dermatology facility¬†

The cost of prescription medications has risen enormously in the last several years with disproportionate increases in dermatology preparations. These pressures have pushed more consumers to depend primarily on non-MD skin care providers of various experiences, or self-selection of over-the-counter skin-care products, often chosen because of price, packaging, or brand awareness. This can backfire, with wasted money without benefiting (or sometimes a worsening!)  your skin conditions.

Despite the plethora of skin-care products available, the task of picking the ‚Äúbest‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúmost appropriate‚ÄĚ skin regimen is daunting. The average intelligent consumer is ill-equipped to differentiate fact from fiction in the competitive market space of skin-care products.¬†

Dr. Kenner has been using and formulating skincare products for years. In addition, she has created educational tools to help folks pick products for their daily use. 

One key is the SkinHappy Pyramid, a consumer's guide to understanding the general importance of the 7 major categories of skincare products. ¬†‚Üď


The SkinHappy Pyramid is a general-use guide for skin care products, loosely based on the old-fashioned food pyramid. Like the old food pyramid, it is laid out with the two essential ingredients your skin needs every day at the base and the supplementary ‚Äúextras‚ÄĚ at the top.

The quality of over-the-counter retinoids, such as retinol, has many unknowns for the consumer!

Retinoids are highly susceptible to breakdown by heat, light, and air, and critically important to the activity of the store bought products are: the age of the product, the  storage conditions (how hot was the facility, etc), and the container holding the product (ie, is it a jar that you open and expose the product to air? etc).  Each of these factors contribute to the activity and function of the product you buy, yet are impossible for the consumer to determine. 

At SkinHappy, all of our products have a 1-2 year shelf life (depending on the product), are regularly monitored for activity,  and are carefully prepared and packaged in airless pumps so that we know the ingredients will be fully functioning and active for your use! 


With our SkinHappy Solution Series' gentle yet powerful retinoids, you are never too old or young to start getting the benefits of retinoids! 


Whether in her clinic in Monterey, California, or through her online system accessible anytime, and most anywhere,  Dr. Kenner welcomes any and all individuals struggling with acne and the debilitating repercussions of this painful and emotional disease. 


Let SkinHappy help YOU face the world with confidence!

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