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SkinHappy MD RX

Acne Gel DS Rx

Acne Gel DS Rx

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Acne Gel DS is used to treat acne and prevent acne scarring on the face.

How It Works: Acne Gel DS is a sophisticated acne formulation with cutting-edge ability to combat inflammation and scarring with topical Dapsone, a uniquely effective anti-inflammatory topical antibiotic, combined with topical Spironolactone, a molecule that blocks the male hormone receptor and therefore is highly effective in treating acne (in men and women) that is ā€œhormonalā€ and found to occur on the chin, jawline, upper neck, and lower cheeks. Added to this powerful mix is Niacinamide, a B3 vitamin specially formulated by SH to penetrate the skin, which helps to repair the skin barrier, as well as aid in treating pigmentation and calming inflammation.

How To Use: Acne Gel DS is well tolerated and designed for use in both morning and evening.

Use With: Acne Gel DS is often applied in combination with Anti-Inflammatory Cream and Rosacea Combo Gel, as well as a retinoid such as Acne Gel ST or DT, and Elta 46 Sunblock, to accelerate the control of acne and bypass the need for oral antibiotics and isotretinoin.

This product falls into the PROTECT layer of the SkinHappy Pyramid, see below.

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